Welcome to our Success section. This covers success stories by the type or location of a cancer. It has a number of success stories for many different types of cancer.

Time does not permit us to have all our stories in place yet, but each month more success stories will be added.

If you have a success story you wish to contribute please contact the site administration on the button at the top of the left index hand column.

We prefer to provide stories where there is:

  • some medical evidence of the diagnosis, such as scans, blood tests etc.
  • a reflection of the use of products, preparation and quantities suggested to this membership.
  • no other treatment that could be credited with the success.

However, obviously we are prepared to consider other stories which might be of interest to our membership.

Stories of recovery are no proof of a cure. They are just examples like doctors use to prove their chemicals can help some people. With Chemotherapy for example the cure success rate is believed to be under 20%. Wonder how my record would stand up to just 20%. That is all it would take to make it legal to use?